APS Lifestyle and DREAM joined forces to concoct a unique upscale market concept,The Market Hop, spanning two locations drawing a record crowd of over 5000 individuals on 4th & 5th June, more than twice the crowd as compared to past 9MCM or DREAM Markets.

Bold move, Massive turnout
The bold move of joining forces saw a crowd of more than 5000 pax at The Market Hop, more than doubled each organizer’s previous numbers, turning both markets into bustling metropolises. No seat and table were left unattended, no cement flooring area were left exposed for too long, and shuttle queues were a constant sight. The marvel weekend also attracted patrons from all walks of life as the carefully curated list of merchants offered something for everyone from palate-whetting nosh to curious finds and bargain deals. Big names who turned up included the likes of MediaCorp artiste, DJ Sonia Chew, and Editorial Director of Majority Media and fashion maven, Tommy Wee.


They Came, They Ate, They Sold Out
Gluttons’ Central was the main theme with the likes of Naughty Nuri’s, Vatos Urban Tacos, Candlenut, Aloha Poke, and Uncle G’s Handmade serving what they serve best. Patrons came famish and boy did they let loose. Store sell outs at Red Eye Smokehouse, Sea Salt Carribean Deli, Paper Crane, The Grill Junkies by Jimmy Chok (sold out before 5pm), Naughty Nuri’s, Vatos Urban Tacos, Aloha Poke, Royal Istana, and Ji Xiang Confectionery, Booze Pharma-C and Nuevo Vino (on both sides) before 7pm indicated the crowd’s appetite and also the quality of nosh and booze.


One Nosh Stand
To make the experience more novel, a number of F&B merchants prepared one-off dishes specially created for The Market Hop. Atipico Home Chef, Matteo Pertoldi yummed patrons with a roasted duck sabayon in eggshell dish (Duck in Egg), Jimmy Chok launched his life-altering burgers which, to be honest, never seemed to stand any chance of leftovers as visitors bombarded his booth right from the start. Uncle G’s Handmade pulled pork puri landed on almost every patron’s table – a pork canapes-style dish with a hint of spiciness followed by a pop and crunch of the puri and the coldness and tanginess from the yogurt sauce within the bread. Nuevo Vino offered 2 cocktails themed to the style and aesthetics of each market. St Nick’s Summer Mess (Inspired by the fresh produce at Bristol’s St Nicholas Market), was concocted using iced earl grey tea infused with lavender & tangy fruit and spike with aromatic Vermut Yzaguirre Classic Rojo nailed it at APS Lifestyle. At DREAM, Mamak Nancy’s Ais cocktail (inspired by the pasars of the Straits Settlement) – made from coconut water, lime and pineapple juice infused with smooth Vermut Yzaguirre Classic Blanco topped with Pei Pa Kao jellies – became an instant hit with patrons with one of them even purchasing 12 servings over the weekend.


The Furri Hop
Our four-legged furry friends also got into the fun at the pet-friendly Market Hop. Show-stealers included the likes of Ohpopdog’s irresistibly adorable French Bulldog, Bacon (@TheFrenchBacon), and Ginger & Bear’s handsome Labrador, Sushi (@Ginger.and.Bear). Other breeds included dachshunds, malteses, schnauzers, shiba-Inu, Singapore Special, and terriers added to the hip yet heart-warming environment.


Game Changer
Overall, tons of positive feedback were garnered from patrons, media, merchants and even the managements of both APS Lifestyle and DREAM about the good vibes, memories and experiences at The Market Hop. Many even turned up on both days at two locations hanging out at the rustic and charming pallet seating area for hours enjoying the chilled out-sesh and stellar music performances from indie artists.

In one weekend, APS Lifestyle and DREAM brought to the people an unforgettable masterpiece – The Good Life with The Better Market fronted by The Best Curators.

Here’s to La Dolce Vita and everything in between.